Carpe Diem, by Harry Mount

I love Latin. What can I say. I took a bunch of it in high school, went to a bunch of Latin contests in Texas and for nationals. (They’re like Jeopardy games, with buzzers and all. Seriously. I was in band, too. Big nerd. see also this (3rd from left in back) and this. Fish gotta swim.)

Anyhoo, this was a fun book for me to read. Not too heavy, but reminded me about my Roman history and mythology and architecture and life, but also had little lessons about declining and conjugating and generally being a Latin nerd. In one really memorable part he describes the difference between Berks (basically Latin nerds who don’t put on airs) and Wankers (you know, the other kind). I’m probably a bit of both.

Highly recommended for all Berks and Wankers.

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