one more reason to like matt

There are a lot of reasons to like Matt Mullenweg, creator of WordPress (which powers this blog) and founder of Automattic. (For one, he’s an incredibly nice guy. For another, WordPress is exceptional (and open source) software.)

But from Webware’s reporting on the FOWA conference, here’s another one:

[Matt] also has a pretty nontraditional view of ad revenues, the supposed cash coffer of new-media sites. “Most of you have never, and will never, seen an ad on,” Mullenweg said, referring to’s free blog-hosting arm. “We decided to show ads only on certain pages, only to the people who were sort of random drive-by visitors…if you use Firefox, you’ll never see an ad, no matter what, mostly because I like Firefox.”

update: it’s worth reading that whole (short) piece. the point that Matt makes about how scaling is the critical thing that’s new in the world with the rise of Internet companies. they’ve got 19 employees and 2.3 million blogs and 135 million readers. by analogy, at mozilla we’ve got something like 150 employees and 150+ million users around the world.

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