July, 2008

Jul 08

lessig on obama’s campaign in june

really thoughtful & nuanced piece from Larry on Obama’s campaign in June, and the difference between governing and campaigning. worth reading twice.

Jul 08

huh. 3 years.

i seem to have blown right past the three year mark for me at mozilla, without even noticing it. seems like it’s gone by very quickly. seems like there’s a lot of interesting, fun & useful stuff to do still — even more than when i started. good for sure.

Jul 08


Beautiful storytelling by Josh @ First Round Capital about the invention of the modern mailbox (and their new investment, gnip). I really like the pacing & tone & content of the story, and it couldn’t make clearer what gnip aspires to do. (I have an interest in what they’re doing, of course, but hadn’t taken the time to read through all of it — with Josh’s story in my head, though, it’s both immediately interesting & compelling — perfect use of a story.)

Jul 08

FriendFeed Room on Mozilla Futures

I’ve just started a FriendFeed room trying to pull together some of the threads on potential futures of the Mozilla Foundation. If you’ve got an interest or opinions, go have a look, post relevant stuff, make comments.

[More generally, I’m interested lately in experiments on how to have broader, more distributed, but still coherent conversations on particular topics, and FF Rooms seems like one potential avenue…would love any thoughts in comments here (or on FF itself)]