Shantaram, by Gregory David Roberts

I received this novel unsolicited from Suneel Gupta, who’s coming to work for Mozilla in a few months once he’s got the little matter of passing the bar exam out of the way.

I’m really, really glad he sent it. It’s a wonderful, sprawling, amazing sorta-semi-autobiographical novel about a protagonist who escaped incarceration in New Zealand to start a complicated underworld life in Mumbai. Great book, fun to read, thought provoking, and one that I’d never heard of before. Now that I’ve read it, I’m finding a lot of folks who mention it and have read it, which is significant, considering it’s 900 pages long.

Anyway, it’s terrific. Looking forward to the next book from Roberts.


  1. Great book!

  2. wonderfull book, got the chance to read it a little, its splendid