August, 2008

Aug 08

A Game of Thrones, by George R. R. Martin


Not sure why I picked this one up — it’s a sorta typical epic fantasy book (although for about the first 850 of the 900 pages, you can argue there’s very little that’s fantastical about it) — but enjoyed reading it. It’s a good, page-turner of an epic — lots of characters (was pretty hard to keep straight for the first 200-300 pages), good action, neat ideas. There are 3 more (large) books in the series, and I guess another one coming out next month — I liked it well enough that I’ll get to all of them, I think.

Aug 08

Personality not included, by Rohit Bhargava

Meh. Run of the mill business book. Sorta skimmed it.

Aug 08

The Drunkard’s Walk, by Leonard Mlodinow

Eh, it’s an okay book. Not wonderful. Doesn’t know whether it’s a history of probability or a primer on it, and as a result tends to shift between being (1) sorta basic, (2) sorta boring, and (3) sorta esoteric. Nothing super new in it for me, didn’t really think it was useful, except to remind me of some things I’ve forgotten since Stats 116.

Aug 08

web site on blocks for a while

okay, i’m ready to change my blog around a bit, so i’ve changed the theme as a signal that the site is going to be the metaphorical equivalent of sitting without wheels on cinder blocks in front of my house. sorry about that. hopefully it will bother me consistently enough that i fix it sooner than otherwise.

Aug 08

trying out disqus for comments

trying out disqus for comments, both because i’d sorta like to see threaded comments on my blog, and because i really like & am thinking a bunch about a people-centered web (in this case, comments across the blogosphere indexed by person).

let me know what you think, if it doesn’t work, etc etc…

[was super, super easy to implement in wordpress, fwiw]