Joining the TripIt Board


Very happy to write that I joined the Board of Directors of TripIt this month. Simple story — I’ve been using their service when I travel for several months, mentioned it to one of their investors at OATV, met with the company, really liked them and their product, and here we are.

It’s a fun company with a really differentiated product offering that actually helps my life when I travel, so I’m excited to be involved. (Try it out!)


  1. Congratulations! Tripit is a fantastic service -they really raised the bar on ease of adoption (something I hope to emulate). Tripit and Posterous are two excellent models for unobtrusive interaction via email.

  2. Congratulations and thanks for sharing the info about the company!! I travel every week and have been trying different tools to help organize me and this looks like it may be THE one!

  3. I`ve been usin Tripit for several weeks now, I love them
    Like your self, I would defenitly recomend it to another person