Supreme Courtship, by Christopher Buckley

I always like Buckley’s books, all the way back to Thank You for Smoking. Lots of funny current culture & political stuff in his books; stuff that seems ridiculous, but is, sadly, not all that far off from truth. This is another fun one about a president picking a TV judge to sit on the Supreme Court. Would be super funny if the real-life situation weren’t such a mess.

But a fun, quick read — recommended. (But you should read Thank You for Smoking first, if you havent!)

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  1. I have read all of Chrisopher Buckley's books. They are funny in parts, but leave me feeling sad about life. Not a good feeling. I much prefered his small book on Washington DC travels. Much more upbeat. I also much prefer his Dad's “Nearer my God..”. It was on the par of Sinclair's “Mere Christianity” I saw William Buclkey in early 70's at University of Pittsburgh. What a fine positive person for us young people at a time of crazy, destructive social unrest. The crowd gave him much appause. He came with us to the forum in a scrunched coat, his hair blowing in the cold night breeze, cluching papers and books with that charateristic grin.