September, 2008

Sep 08

A Clash of Kings, by George R.R. Martin

2nd book in the series — didn’t like it as much as the first, but liked it enough to get the next one. 🙂

Sep 08

Progress on Firefox license issues

After a bunch of work the last couple of days, I think we’re in a much better place with respect to notices & licenses for Firefox. Harvey has posted proposed changes to the presentation of notices, as well as to the content of notices, and they’re better than before, by a long way.

Canonical/Ubuntu has worked with us on this a lot, and has been very helpful, as have the RedHat and Fedora teams.

This should make its way into all our platforms and builds at some point in the near future, and should make things better for all users.

Sep 08

Mitchell’s Blog » Blog Archive » Ubuntu, Firefox and License Issues

Mitchell’s Blog » Blog Archive » Ubuntu, Firefox and License Issues.

Anyone who’s interested in the current issues around the Firefox license and Ubuntu (and, actually, all distributions), should read Mitchell’s post. This particular issue is mostly a mistake that we made in process. Working to address this now.

Sep 08

Joining the TripIt Board


Very happy to write that I joined the Board of Directors of TripIt this month. Simple story — I’ve been using their service when I travel for several months, mentioned it to one of their investors at OATV, met with the company, really liked them and their product, and here we are.

It’s a fun company with a really differentiated product offering that actually helps my life when I travel, so I’m excited to be involved. (Try it out!)

Sep 08

mozilla talk at stanford

I gave a talk yesterday morning at Stanford to a set of folks — slides below. Much inspiration and actual material taken from Mike Beltzner’s earlier talks. Sometime when I have time I’ll do a voice-over in order to include my lame jokes. 🙂

Mostly it’s about how Mozilla is organized, and how we push decision-making to the edges of any organization we have — it’s really an organizational design & behavior talk. It’s been fun to do diferent flavors of this over the last few months — people get really engaged.