Mozilla Chief Innovation Officer: Chris Beard

Hopefully by now you’ve caught the news that we’re lucky enough to count Ben and Dion, founders of Ajaxian, as the newest additions here at Mozilla — here to start a new Developer Tools Lab. They’re fired up & ready to go — so many ideas that should result in modern and open Web development getting easier and easier. I’m really excited about what they’re up to, and every time I talk with either of them, I’m personally incredibly excited about our future here.

In addition to that, I wanted to share that last month we made Chris Beard our Chief Innovation Officer, a new position for Mozilla. Chris has been involved at Mozilla since before the Firefox 1.0 release, leading our marketing and product strategy through Firefox 2, and always seems to be integral to some of the most interesting work we’re doing. For the last year or so, he’s been building Mozilla Labs into something that’s generating a lot of good ideas and energy around the future. Last month we moved the Evangelism group to Chris’ area of responsibility (with specific management there by long-time Mozillan Chris Blizzard). And today we created the new Developer Tools Lab.

It’s totally in keeping with Mozilla’s style that innovation focuses not just on internal breakthroughs but on communications and tools that help everyone innovate, and there’s nobody better than Chris at thinking and operating like that. On a personal level, I’m always challenged by Chris’ thinking and innovation, and am super happy to get to work with him every day. Congratulations, Chris!


  1. It's always great to have people like those in your team. With them you'll always find new and innovative ideas that really work etc. So go on with that.

  2. Thats nice to hear. I have always envied the Mozilla team for their dedication towards new breakthroughs in generating/innovating awesome tools.
    Hope, we can expect far more superior tools now that the profile of the Mozilla team has gone skyrocketing.

    Cheers and best of luck with the new LAB.

  3. thanks for the Mozilla Chief Innovation Officer: Chris Beard