Market Rebels, by Hayagreeva Rao

Huggy Rao is a very smart guy who teaches and writes at Stanford — I’ve gotten to know him a little bit over the past year or so, and think very highly of him. So when he asked me to read his upcoming book, I was of course very interested.

It’s a book about how markets are shaped by rebels and insurgents — about how hot (as in tense) situations create the context for cool (as in jazz) reactions and solutions. He looks at the rise of auto clubs, microbreweries, and more.

The relevance for Mozilla is clear, of course, and so I gave Huggy a quote he ended up using for the book jacket. A very academic book, but highly readable and relevant, and I think more relevant than ever given the way that markets are increasingly looking like politics. (A subject for another post.)

Highly recommended.

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