categories v tags in WP?

anyone have good pointers on how to collapse tags & categories in WP? seems like the admin UI in 2.7 is emphasizing tags more, and it’s probably a better way to do things anyway — is there some way to combine the 2?



  1. iirc there's a plugin or two.

    Personally I keep a handful of categories, and utilize tags more loosely like keywords. IMHO no real point in combining since it doesn't really provide any benefit. Better off just ignoring one.

  2. I find the categories invaluable, and really represent the consistent categorization for most of my blog. I use tags for non-obvious synonyms and keywords that describe the specific post I've just written.

    Originally, WordPress only had categories. Here is a blog post that changed their mind:

    Here is the blog post where WordPress explains their thinking:

  3. John —

    Not sure what the best way to do that is, but you might want to try out the Fluency Admin plugin. Although I really liked what they did with 2.7, Fluency takes it one step further:

    Dean is the guy responsible for the Hahlo iPhone Twitter app, which is also great.