waking up naked in a strange inn…


That’s a picture of my WoW character, Frink. For the uninitiated, that’s not what he’s supposed to look like — in general, characters in the game wear, you know, clothes. But this is what he looked like a few weeks back, after someone somehow hijacked my account and stole all Frink’s stuff. Pretty much back to normal at this point, after the Blizzard folks restored Frink’s gear, but was a very weird experience. In case anyone’s interested, getting stolen from in an online world feels pretty much like it does in the real world. You have a sense of being taken advantage of that’s not good at all. 

But so far at least, the “undo” aspect of online makes everything better. Would have been a lot worse with something not undoable…



  1. omg, I dumped my lv 20 warrior and restarted as a hunter and -just- got that one up to lv 20!

  2. You’re not alone – there have been a significant number of hijacked accounts since the latest expansion. Seems new content brings everyone back to the game, including the crooks…

  3. I hope “Bluth” is named after what I think it is.

  4. @justin. naturally. Gob was taken.