1 year of Kindle

A few quick thoughts on my Kindle now that I’ve lived with it for a year. I’ve purchased 46 books on it, reading at least some of each of them, and finishing about half.

1. The integrated wireless store is absolutely the best part of it. I can literally think of a book and have it available to read within a minute.

2. Selection of titles is getting better, but still only about 50% of what I read.

3. Reading on it seems no different on my eyes than reading on paper — paperback pulp is probably the closest contrast-wise.

4. I find that books do seem longer on the Kindle, mostly because I get a little lost in terms of where I am. The indicators are all good, but it’s hard to figure out how close we are to chapter endings, etc. As a result, it’s screwing with all my 38 year old physical book navigating abilities.

5. It’s making book reading much less social for me, because nobody can tell what I’m reading. On airplanes, that’s a great thing. So great. At home with my wife, it’s not as good, because it means we don’t have as many serendipitous conversations initiated by her about what I’m reading. [A weird side effect was that I was trying to get through the last 50 pages of a mystery over break — usually people can tell where you are in a book and that you’re near the end, and will forgive anti-social behavior if you’re sprinting to the end — with a Kindle, they think I’m even less social than I generally am.]

Overall, though, my sentiment is the same that everyone else who has one has: it’s a very flawed device, and I would never give it up at this point.

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