7 things

Okay, here goes. Was trying to ignore it, but now can’t escape. Was persuaded by the words of Benjamin, who pointed out that in an increasingly online world, it’s more important than ever to try to understand each other in a multi-dimensional way. I think that’s a nice sentiment, so decided not to ignore. 🙂

I was tagged by Deb & Tristan. (you’re both on notice)

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My 7 Things

    • My direct ancestors include Robert E. Lee and also people who came over on the Mayflower.
    • My dad was in the US Air Force growing up, and so I’ve lived in many different places, but all in the US. I was born in Sacramento, CA, then: Fort Walton Beach, FL, St. Simon’s Island, GA, Rome, NY, Omaha, NE, Las Vegas, NV, and went to high school in San Antonio, TX. I’ve lived in my current house probably longer than anywhere else in my life. (5 years)
    • I was a band geek. And a Latin geek. And a math geek. Competed in all of them in school, at state & national levels. For all the stereotypes, I  look back on all those experiences with exceptional fondness, and they were all foundational to me. Oh, also, computer geek.
    • I met my wife, Kathy, my freshman year in high school (1984), when we dated on & off (and in band, as it turns out). We got back together 10 years later, and then married in 2000. By total coincidence, her mother and my mother were in the same sorority at Emory at the same time and knew each other. (Dad was at Emory also.)
    • I really like television a lot. A LOT. The Wire is my favorite, and I really miss Arrested Development (although 30 Rock has its moments). And Buffy, a lot. But to tell you the truth, and I know this will be disillisioning to many of you, I’m starting to lose my taste for it, and often lately can’t even find anything to watch. Impossible, and very sad, I know. [“Teacher, mother, secret lover.” — name the quote!]
    • The job I held the longest in high school was as a short-order cook at a Chinese fast food restaurant called Qwik Wok. I was pretty marginal at that, but can cook a LOT of fried rice at once. One time I took an egg roll because I was really hungry. Got busted. I’m like the opposite of sneaky.
    • My favorite movie of all times, without reservation, is Bull Durham. I can’t escape it when it’s on.

      My Tagees (I’m terribly sorry)

      • Adam, because he needs something that’s not just BSG to write about this week.
      • Diego, because he’s awesome, is writing more lately, and I bet will have something gnarly to say.
      • Bob, because I’m interested to see whether he’ll do it or not, and what he’ll say.
      • Klep, because he’s funny as hell and should write more.
      • Mitch, since he’s been so interesting on Twitter lately. (mkapor — follow!)
      • Joshua, because he called me grouchy last night. Maybe you can use your 20% time for it.
      • Tariq, who I guarantee will say something surprising.


      1. Yay! Being on notice is totally worth it. 🙂 I’m still not sure where you find the time for all that TV along with all that reading, but I’ll just pretend you have a time machine or something.

      2. quote is totally Homer Simpson (of The Simpson’s fame). Can’t remember the name of the episode or even when I saw it. Man, is that show still on?

      3. @robcee: asking if The Simpsons is still on is like asking if the sun still shines. eternal.

      4. But can you still speak Latin?

      5. Latin and band geek? Here too! High five! 😉

      6. @al — some, strangely. big hit at parties. well…certain parties.

      7. Quantum materiae materietur marmota monax si marmota monax materiam possit materiari?

      8. i know what you’re asking, but not how to answer it. a lot of wood is your basic answer. trick latin! next!

      9. i like those rules, might as well do it.