Very Important WSJ Op-Ed

Larry already pointed this out, but IBM CEO Sam Palmisano’s Op-Ed in today’s Wall Street Journal is incredibly important and spot on. There’s incredible pressure now to create jobs, to get money flowing — however possible. And it’s important for sure. But the situation we’re in now means that we have an opportunity to make investments that can not just fix the short term, but change our attitudes, our processes, our approach.

So I’m hopeful that like so many other positive signals from the transition government so far, that we’ll use this economic stimulus as a way not just to fix today’s (undoubtedly painful) problems, but to invest in structural changes that will make life better a generation from now.


  1. Its a wee bit advertorial for my liking 😉

  2. Its a wee bit advertorial for my liking

  3. It’s good to see Obama’s transition team hittin the ground runnin. Maybe they WILL be able to meet our expectations.
    It’s a new dawn.

  4. Its a wee bit advertorial for my liking

  5. don’t depend on the new government, we have to be able to stand alone in our feet. 😀

  6. Who are the lemmings? Advertorial or not, it is a sound argument. I’m no cyber geek, in fact, I am no geek what so ever, unless you consider lies and fabrication a form of geekyness. I am new to this form of communication but I do hope that simple quips that offer nothing are not the norm. Or would it inspire more if I were to use the nomenclature, “de rigueur”.

  7. Hopefully they invest in infrastructure and small business. It will be small business and the goliath’s that will lead this country out of recession. Huge tax breaks for small businesses.