TED Overload

All the awesomeness fuses in my brain are blown from sheer overload of the awesome, so not sure I’ll be super-coherent tonight — will post more through the week about a bunch of different & great insights from TED.

For now, I want to capture this one thing: on both a personal and professional level, TED is amazing and transformative. It’s chic to be sort of cynical about the conference circuit, glib about how you’ve seen things like this before. But it’s not appropriate in this case. I feel that virtually every interaction & talk over the past 3 days has made me want to become better at what I do, and to do more to change the world we live in as well. It’s made me want to do more at Mozilla, but beyond that to be a more present and thoughtful human, husband and father.

Because my first experience at TED has been one where being smart is cool, where using data is obviously the right way to do things, where science rules, where art transforms. It makes me think harder about what to do at work to have a greater impact, and what to do at home to be a better family member.

It’s as good an event as I’ve ever been to, and especially with all the cynicism in our world today, I think it’s important to note TED as a force that promotes education, science, and art as a way to improve the world.

More soon, as my brain recovers.

ps – everyone here uses Firefox. 🙂


  1. Great to hear John. Looking forward to watching the talks online. Any one or two that struck you as especially important – as either a human or a member of the moz community? Would love to hear your thoughts.

  2. Further removed than you are but the feeling is mutual. I discovered TED a few weeks ago and have been watching old posts online ever since. To the detriment of things of more import (maybe), yet, I still view at least two a day. Keep us informed of your top ten and thanks for doing so.

  3. John – your experience at TED sounds incredible. I hope to do something one day that will get me invited!

  4. I just wish they streamed the talks live and released them online sooner! Looking forward to seeing them. The world needs more hope and a lot, lot less cynicism.

  5. You do realize you are in a place more than almost anyone (literally) to be able to do that? right? lol

  6. But are you going to BIL next weekend in Long Beach?

  7. Everyone at TED uses Firefox? Even Bill?

  8. @dria: I’d like more to be online now, too, as there are a bunch I’d like to talk with folks about. But to be honest, there’s so much quality of thought packed into so little time at the conference that you get a little numb to it by the end — I think spread out is a little better for the brain…I know that I’ll rewatch more of them as they’re released and will be happy for the time delay.

  9. I expect all technology/internet-development-related activity would cease completely for the duration of the conference if we could all watch it streamed live, so it’s probably for the best anyhow 🙂