Awesome TED Talk #3: Willie Smits on Rainforest Regeneration

I mentioned I had 3 TEDtalks that really stood out for me: Elizabeth Gilbert & Jose Antonio Abreu were the first two. They’ve just posted the third: Willie Smits, who talked about his incredible, extensive work on rainforest regeneration. This guy is incredibly understated, but indefatigable, methodical, thoughtful, and engineering-oriented, and is making things better in such a holistic way that I was blown away (as were many others there).


  1. That’s pretty amazing. I love how his focus on metrics means that he has data to know how things are working and warnings when they are not.

    But I think he needs more than an hour – so much to learn from him about the way that he thinks about problems. But not enough time for him to go into details.


    Nobody else, but those who work for animals, can move me anymore.
    If mankind had the same interest in helping animals as he as an individual has, we – and animals – would live in Paradise. But not a fictive one, but a true and realistic paradise, because it would be possible; only goodness of people is lacking. This is what Willie Smits – and all those who help animals – have.
    I red about the Malarie of orangutangs, I wish to hear some more of it.