kindle for iphone

installed Kindle app on iPhone; have downloaded some of my books & synced to furthest page read. it’s neat. predictably, not as good a reading experience as on Kindle by a mile. pretty marginal bookmarking, no notes, search, etc. so really underpowered.

but i think useful if i’m somewhere and forgot my Kindle, absolutely, and i’m sure that i’ll buy books with it to read a snippet then really read on my Kindle.

expect this to cause them a real spike, then things will settle down. really needs a lot more functionality; and the reading experience will never be anywhere near as good.

but a solid & useful complement.



  1. I think this is really just a Kindle accessory. It’s great for times when you have a few free minutes and wouldn’t mind reading but don’t have your Kindle on you as I’d imagine most people carry their cell phones much more than they drag their Kindle around.

    I don’t think many (if anyone) will use the iPhone as a Kindle replacement though. Battery life, small screen, not eInk all make it pretty unsuitable for long reading.

  2. I see this app as possibly letting Amazon sell e-books to people like me that just can’t justify the cost of a Kindle. $350 for a dedicated e-book reader is a lot to swallow, especially in this economy. Despite Kindle’s advantages in terms of user experience for its purpose, an iPhone is a more overall useful item to have, so I’d rather just do my reading on that instead.

    I’d love to have a Kindle, but I just can’t justify the price right now. Sigh.

  3. One should keep in mind that the Kindle does not function outside the continental US – so for alot of people the kindle reader isn’t even an option. Anyone know what percentage of Amazon’s business comes from outside the US?

  4. I just downloaded it but haven’t done much with it (being at work). I didn’t realize that it would synch to furthest read pages. That is handy.