March, 2009

Mar 09

kindle for iphone

installed Kindle app on iPhone; have downloaded some of my books & synced to furthest page read. it’s neat. predictably, not as good a reading experience as on Kindle by a mile. pretty marginal bookmarking, no notes, search, etc. so really underpowered.

but i think useful if i’m somewhere and forgot my Kindle, absolutely, and i’m sure that i’ll buy books with it to read a snippet then really read on my Kindle.

expect this to cause them a real spike, then things will settle down. really needs a lot more functionality; and the reading experience will never be anywhere near as good.

but a solid & useful complement.

Mar 09

Awesome TED Talk #3: Willie Smits on Rainforest Regeneration

I mentioned I had 3 TEDtalks that really stood out for me: Elizabeth Gilbert & Jose Antonio Abreu were the first two. They’ve just posted the third: Willie Smits, who talked about his incredible, extensive work on rainforest regeneration. This guy is incredibly understated, but indefatigable, methodical, thoughtful, and engineering-oriented, and is making things better in such a holistic way that I was blown away (as were many others there).