Lots to write…

I’ve had lots of things I want to write about lately, but no time or mood to write. But hopefully over the next few weeks. Among other things I want to write about:

  • Zeo followups
  • Moving blog to wordpress.com? (would lose the widgets on the RHS though)
  • Christmas through a 4-year-old’s eyes and other thoughts on the nature of time and being in the moment
  • Thoughts on using Android on the Nexus One
  • Some reactions to location-based apps like Gowalla, 4square, etc.

And then a bunch of stuff I’m reading. Too Big To Fail is great, but also sorta too long to read. About 1/2way through. The new Lethem I’m really struggling to get through. A little too inside NYC.

One comment

  1. 私、出会いサイトが大好きでいろんなところに登録してるの。いつもいつもセックスばかりしている私の最近のお気に入りはハッピーメールです。ここは女の子にも人気の出会いコミュニティで楽しいよ。でも男子の中には有料だから嫌だって人もいるのね。そんな人にお勧めしたいのがガールズコムです。このサイトは完全無料だから出会い放題だよ。