Divine Misfortune, by A. Lee Martinez

I seem to be on a bit of a modern fantasy streak, reading a lot of books about gods that crash on your couch and ruin your transmission, that sort of thing. Maybe because it’s summer. Not sure why.

Anyway, this is another in that set of books, and I probably liked it the least (compared to Sandman Slim and Johannes Cabal, the Necromancer). Nevertheless, it was a quick and fun read, and I’ll probably read more by Martinez in the future. Good but not fantastic, I thought.

One comment

  1. I had the same reaction after I read Martinez’s The Automatic Detective.


    Lots of promise at the beginning but it petered out at the end. Overall, I enjoyed it but it was uneven and seemed like two books and not one.

    Triangulating on good fantasy or scifi can be tough. Based on your review I’ll pick up the other two you read and recommend.