As of this week, I’m 8 weeks past my shoulder surgery, and doing great. As I’ve posted before, rehab started 4 weeks ago, and I can’t believe how much better my shoulder has gotten in that time. The first week of physical therapy was really tough, but since then, it’s gotten better nearly every day.

This week we’re starting resistance training, so having my shoulder be more active in lifting and in normal use. As a result, it’s feeling a little sore, but I’m able to do planks again, and can see that I’ll be able to do dips, pushups, rows, pullups before too long.

The last 2 months have been tough in a lot of ways related to my shoulder — much more painful than the dislocations themselves — but so far I’m really happy I made the decision to go with surgery as quickly as I could, and couldn’t really be happier with my surgeon (Colin Eakin at PAMF) and physical therapist (Paula Chan in Mountain View), plus my trainer (Ben Kenyon).

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