Homo Evolutis, by Juan Enriquez & Steve Gullans

This was an interesting read — argument by Enriquez and Gullans that any number of indicators (not to mention, you know, millennia of history) suggest that humans aren’t the endpoint, but just another point on the timeline of evolution. That main point is obvious, even though we probably don’t really think about ourselves that way too much. The supporting arguments are all interesting — will change the way you look at yourself.

On this one I was actually more interested in the format than the content — it’s one of the so-called “Kindle Singles” from Amazon now — writings that wouldn’t normally be long enough for a “real book” but obviously are no problem in digital form. it’s a little like a longer essay than anything else — lately I’ve been reading those more in Instapaper or Read It Later than on my Kindle. Not sure it represents too much of a breakthrough, other than giving the publishing industry fits.

Anyway, interesting essay, and a good warmup leading up to TED this week. 🙂

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