January, 2012

Jan 12

Up Update

A couple of weeks ago, my second Jawbone UP failed. I’m bummed about it for a couple of reasons (and will go through the process to get a replacement for sure). The first reason I’m bummed is theoretical – I miss the data it collects, mostly because I think I’m going to want it some day, but also because it makes me a little more mindful of my activity throughout the day. The second reason is that I really, really love the vibrating alarm – it makes a huge difference in quality of life for me & Kathy not to have an alarm blaring on the days I need to get up early.

The Lark has a vibrating alarm, but bugs me at night. The Fitbit, by contrast, I think doesn’t have the alarm, and I forget to wear it pretty often.

The UP solves that set of problems for me, even though it’s got other deficiencies (reliability, obviously, but also no wireless data sync, weird software UI, no open data, etc). So I’m looking forward to getting a working model again soon…

Jan 12

The Visible Man, by Chuck Klosterman

I read just about anything that Klosterman writes, and while I like his sports & culture writing much better, I also generally enjoy his fiction, too. Liked this one — it’s a novel that explores some about who we are when we’re alone and nobody is watching.

A lot of it felt like a Palahniuk novel to me — the earlier ones, not the more recent crummy ones (like Damned, which I’m about to finish and will write a very short post about.)

Liked it, read it pretty quickly over Thanksgiving weekend. Wasn’t blown away, but good.

Jan 12

Mistborn Trilogy, by Brandon Sanderson

I like reading Sanderson’s fantasy/science fiction because he invents worlds with super interesting physics & systems — they’re not really like anything else I’ve ever read, so it’s very entertaining.

This trilogy was just about perfect for reading over a holiday, although a little long, at over 1,800 pages all in.

I skimmed a lot in Book 2, but really enjoyed the first & third books a lot, and the whole series overall.