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This blog is  the semi-regular stream-of-consciousness of John Lilly, who’s a techie by background, reads a lot, advises several startups,  is a Partner at Greylock Partners, was previously CEO of Mozilla, and most importantly is a father & husband.  Here’s my LinkedIn profile.

Some of My Favorite Blog Entries

Other Projects I’m Involved With

A Few Past Affiliations

  • TripIt (acquired by Concur in 2011) – Board of Directors
  • SayNow (acquired by Google in 2011) – Advisor
  • Reactivity (acquired by Cisco Systems in 2007) – Founder, Exec & Board of Directors
  • CenterRun (acquired by Sun Microsystems in 2003) – Board of Directors
  • Sunnyvale Public Library – Board of Library Trustees