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Jan 07

flying to china

hour 3 of my flight to beijing with Gen & Chris — should be an exciting week for Mozilla stuff and personally. will no doubt have a lot to say about my experiences this week — it’s an exciting thing.

a couple of early, tv-related thoughts:

1) the first 2 episodes of the new season of 24 are hilarious. once you decide it’s just ridiculous, it’s pretty fun to watch. jack is so smart & tough. the white house is so dumb. i think this season might be the best so far. if anyone wants to chat more about it, open a socket to my screen and we can talk.

2) borat is not really an airplane friendly movie. in fact, pretty much the least airplane friendly thing since Oz. what a great film, though. that guy is just terrific.

we’ll see if 4 batteries is enough. i’m betting it will be this time, but i’m only about 1/2 a battery in, so we’ll see….

Dec 06

You, Dead to me, and Freezing Cold

Well, Time Magazine has announced their Person of the Year, and it’s apparently you. So congratulations for that. Great job! No, really, I’m serious. You couldn’t be more deserving. Well, there was that patch this year where you were a little bit crazy and everything. But you totally deserve it. I held out hope that I might have been under consideration, but nope — went to you. Again.

Michael Crichton and whoever it is that writes the Hannibal books (it’s Thomas Harris, but who cares, really?) are both officially on the list of authors who are dead to me. John Grisham was the first person on the list a while back — I just got so tired of reading drivel from someone who I had previously sorta enjoyed. But these two books were just too much to bear:

Here’s a little excerpt, from the very first page of Hannibal: “The door to Dr. Hannibal Lecter’s memory palace is in the darkness at the center of his mind and it has a latch that can be found by touch alone. This curious portal opens on immense and well-lit spaces, early baroque, and corridors and chambers rivaling in number those of the Topkapi Museum.”

Come on. Who writes junk like that? Ugh. Crichton’s book was similarly unreadable in the first 200 words, so I returned both.

So I’m putting authors on notice. No time for junk this year. Too much amazing new work around, not to mention masterpieces that have been around forever I want to finish.

Plus the football playoffs.

And this: holy schnikeys it’s cold outside. 30 degrees when I got up this morning. Had to scrape ice off my windshield. I know that it’s not in good taste to complain about the 3 days of the year when I have to scrape ice, but there it is.

Oh, and Dexter just finished last night. Great show. Michael C Hall was tops.

Didn’t mention it last week, but The Wire Season 4 also finished up and was totally magnificent. As others have said, it was the best season of the best show ever on TV. Just about perfect television.

Oct 06


been watching a few series on showtime lately: brotherhood, weeds, and dexter. they’re all great. not quite the consistent level of amazing that hbo does (you should start watching The Wire, the best show on television), but still great. brotherhood has cinematic quality & tells the story of political & criminal life in rhode island. weeds is great.

and dexter is absolutely the creepiest show i’ve ever seen. gives me the willies every week, but is great.

Oct 06

and this:

all you people out there had better start watching Studio 60. you know who you are. if you don’t start watching, it’s going to get canceled (it’s getting very low ratings at the moment), and that’ll make me really angry. don’t make me come over there and make you watch it.

Aug 06


Well, 4 season finales this week, for Entourage, Deadwood, Rescue Me and 30 Days. all 4 were superb, and finish off great great seasons for all 4 shows. Rescue Me was probably the best of the lot — perfect pacing — what a terrific show. Deadwood’s finale was challenging (in a good way), pretty much like the whole season. Terrific, groundbreaking television. And Gerald McRaney completely floored me in his role as George Hearst.

And I’d be remiss in not mentioning that as we shut off Rescue Me last night we accidentally turned the TV to Fox’s Celebrity Duets, possibly the worst bit of television in the entire history of television. We “lucked” into seeing a duet between Xena (Warrior Princess) and Smokey Robinson, followed up by a ghastly country song sung by Randy Travis and Cheech Marin (pictured above) about digging up some sort of bones. I could feel the life force leeching out of me just being in the room with it on. Funniest bit (in sort of a sad way) that we saw in 10 minutes or so was one of the judges, Marie Osmond, telling someone that he sounded “a little too white” on his song. Wow. You can’t make that stuff up.