Dec 08

playing around with theme again

I’m playing around with my WordPress theme again — I really like the basics of this one (called Miniflex), but there are so many basic formatting problems I don’t think I can keep it. Any recommendations for similar style themes?

Dec 08

disqus v wordpress threaded comments (intensedebate)

anyone have an opinion on whether to use disqus for comments versus the embedded threading for comments built into wordpress 2.7? (the admin interface is *fantastic*, so far.)

update: i incorrectly assumed that intensedebate was baked into 2.7, since it was bought by WP a few months back — looks like that’s not true. so…that means i guess i have 3 options: Disqus (that I’m using now), WP 2.7 threaded, and IntenseDebate.

Oct 08

a few more berlin pictures


Originally uploaded by John Lilly

I’m posting a few more pictures from Berlin now that I’ve got a fast internet connection. Will put them in a set shortly. I have to say that while it’s a pain to carry around a big camera, the camera + lens make all the difference. Makes me sort of want my own dSLR. Loving Kathy’s 40D.