The Places I’ve Been

For the last 30 days or so, I’ve traveled exactly nowhere. San Francisco is about as far afield as I’ve been — and I’m really happy for the travel respite. In a funny way, I sort of miss airports — there’s a certain anonymity and autonomy that comes from running around an airport by yourself with all your stuff — but I don’t really miss them all that much.

Having said that, I took stock of the places that I’ve spent time over the last couple of years. Big list:

– Vancouver
– Seattle
– Los Angeles
– San Diego
– Las Vegas
– Great Falls
– Phoenix
– Denver
– San Antonio
– Austin
– Dallas
– Houston
– Kansas City
– Minneapolis/St. Paul
– Chicago
– Saint Louis
– Memphis
– Nashville
– Indianapolis
– Atlanta
– Jacksonville
– Charlotte
– Detroit
– Pittsburgh
– Philadelphia
– Newark
– Princeton
– Manhattan
– Long Island
– Rochester
– Ottawa
– Montreal
– Toronto
– Hartford (Connecticut)
– Boston
– Dublin
– Belfast
– Glasgow
– Inverness
– Edinburgh
– London

and if I extend back a bit further, I get to include Tai Pei, Bangkok, Chang Mai, Chang Rai, parts of Burma, and recently ravaged Phuket.

I’ll complain a lot to anyone that will listen about how tough the travel has been on my body and my psyche this year, but I want to be explicit: I feel extremely lucky to have done the traveling that I’ve done, both internationally (I’ve liked every place that I’ve gone very much) and domestically. I like traveling in the US quite a lot – and am super-happy to have gotten to see as many different parts of the country as I have.

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