living with a 1 year old is great.

mostly great. better during actual daylight hours, than, say, at 4:30 in the morning when he wants to play.

anyway, the cool thing lately is that sam has started walking (and his progress from day to day, in terms of stability, raw speed, and, now, cornering is scary) — and it seems to have caused some real differences in his behavior.

specifically, now that he can get to everything, he’s interested in everything. his typical deal lately is to point at something and say “that”. (i think.) what he means, really, is “what’s that? how’s it work? what’s it called? does it taste good? can i have it? why aren’t you getting it for me?”

and, truly, he’s asking that question about everything. the loaf of bread marie brought over. the pile of laundry in our bedroom. the dead bush in the back yard. the garbage truck.

it’s just great & fun to be around someone where everything is shiny & new & interesting. neat perspective.

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