January, 2007

Jan 07

back from china

back in the office now, recovered from our china trip. trying to find time to post some thoughts about the trip, which was interesting — but for now, here are some pictures that i’ve posted to .mac


Jan 07

flying to china

hour 3 of my flight to beijing with Gen & Chris — should be an exciting week for Mozilla stuff and personally. will no doubt have a lot to say about my experiences this week — it’s an exciting thing.

a couple of early, tv-related thoughts:

1) the first 2 episodes of the new season of 24 are hilarious. once you decide it’s just ridiculous, it’s pretty fun to watch. jack is so smart & tough. the white house is so dumb. i think this season might be the best so far. if anyone wants to chat more about it, open a socket to my screen and we can talk.

2) borat is not really an airplane friendly movie. in fact, pretty much the least airplane friendly thing since Oz. what a great film, though. that guy is just terrific.

we’ll see if 4 batteries is enough. i’m betting it will be this time, but i’m only about 1/2 a battery in, so we’ll see….

Jan 07


i’ll do a post on my way to china about the last year & how good it’s been. i’ve been feeling very very lucky these days about a lot of things. this evening a bunch of things quickly got put into perspective — sam was on my lap having crackers & started to choke. he couldn’t breathe at all. i yelled for kathy & turned sam upside down (he was turning red) and hit him on the back — he spit up the crackers and everything was fine, although he was a little scared. me, too. such small things have such large potential impacts. i was pretty scared.

but it’s all good. we had some milk & a fruit bar then got ready for bed. great kid.

in other news, just had his 18 month checkup, and everything looks good. 80th percentile height (although i think the nurse hosed him) and 55th on weight. he’s doing great.

Jan 07

cold hard light of day

3 things i think now, a day after MacWorld:

1) Steve is as good at what he does as Tiger Woods is at golf. Best ever. Nobody else close. (Same goes for Jonathan Ive, I suspect.) In the keynote, everything was pitch perfect. He completely knew his audience. The reality distortion field was amazing.

2) The iphone is important but not revolutionary in impact. Don’t misunderstand. I’ll likely buy one and be happy about it. (Although the fact that it’s a closed system is a bad misstep, I think. Same misstep Steve generally makes on 1.0 products, so it’ll probably get fixed eventually. Also, it’s not gonna run OS X. Maybe the kernel, maybe some UI bits & pieces. But not OS X like anyone knows OS X.) I think that the iphone will change how people think phones should work, yes, and raise the bar on design. But it’s too much money to have a massive impact, and I think they’ll use flash memory capacities & pricing to keep their margins & price points healthy. I also have a sense, from the time I’ve been spending on Mozilla stuff in Asia, that it’s going to look like a quirky American device from that side of the ocean. It’s not a global product at all. I’ll probably line up to buy one, though. Good move for Cingular. Wonder how much they paid for the right. (As an aside, I’m *really* interested in finding out how much the devices will actually cost to make. I’m betting somewhere close to $1k.)

Oh, and also, i suspect that it’s a closed system for the moment because it’s not really done as an OS. Kinda the same reason that all the demos were either in Steve’s hands or under glass. I have the sense that it’s a pretty long way from ready. I’m betting on Thanksgiving.

3) I don’t know about their apple TV thingy. Works great if you only get your content by buying it through iTunes. I, um, acquire mine in a variety of different ways. Can’t use it with the appleTV. Only marginally useful at the moment. But the UI is great. I think I’ll get one when people figure out how to either (1) import more comprehensive stuff into iTunes so it can stream to the appleTV or (2) spoof an iTunes server to effect the same.

and a bonus thought (since Kathy’s out at class and I have a couple of minutes):

I’m pretty dispirited about the OS & software message, which is this: maybe we’ll do some more of that computer stuff sometime. Who knows. Nothing interesting to tell you about it, like if we’re ever going to fix our blogging platform (.mac) or give you a spreadsheet that works in real time (excel on Rosetta is painful). You’ll know about it sometime in the future, maybe, if we ever decide it’s interesting enough to talk about. For now, shinier work over here to keep our attention on.

But we’ll see. Maybe they’ll announce all the software stuff tomorrow. Maybe they won’t.

Also, didn’t Apple used to make, um, what’s that word….oh, right: computers?? The only time anyone mentioned a computer was when Steve talked about taking it out of their name.

Jan 07


…no offense — the iphone is really cool & all, but i was sort of hoping for some stuff to buy today from MacWorld. don’t they make software? where’s ilife? where’s iwork? leopard? weird to have no mention of it.

but the phone is great. pondering iTV still.