B is for Beer, by Tom Robbins

B Is for Beer B Is for Beer by Tom Robbins

My review

About the best thing that can be said about this book is that it’s a book about beer. The 2nd best thing about the book is that it’s mercifully short, at just over 100 pages. I’ve liked Robbins historically, and especially Skinny Legs and All and Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas (his 2 books in the 1990s), but haven’t thought much of his work this decade. Avoid for sure.

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  1. Boy they sure don’t make it easy to add someone as a friend on Goodreads.

  2. If this is John Lilly of Mozilla I just wanted to let you know how disgusted I am with Firefox. From now on I will have to go back to Explorer as surfing has become impossible mozilla.

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  3. Julie, I just sent you an e-mail — please let me know if you get it.

  4. Tom got me to hitchhike from Oklahoma to living in the Virgin Islands by way of hitting the ocean at the tip of Florida and finding a boat that took aboard thumbs and cooks who know how to make southern gravy. I have chased, dated, fell in love with, and been broken by redheads. I have tried every drug with every type of medicine man and shamen I have found. I am a hot mess breathing like a bandaloop, wearing patchouli (tried the Beat), and fucking like Pan. I think I had just took acid and finished with Heinlein’s Stranger when I wrecked my dad’s motorcycle and had time to kill. Of course I found Tom’s stories at that tender age and frame of mind. I was in need of Jesus and found him instead. Mix in reading the Illuminatus Trilogy between any of the long waits for the next novel. I dare you. My friends and I hold CRAFT as often as possible. I also have James Joyce stuck in my head, smoke Camels, troubled with very young women, love Bring In The Clowns! I give Tom a HUGE thumbs up! My children and I love B is for Beer!