The Lost Symbol, by Dan Brown

Let’s just say that this was not the best book ever (shocker!), and it’s best consumed, as I did, on a very long plane ride. Beyond that, I’ll let Brown’s sparkling prose speak for itself:

Langdon remained silent a long moment. “Actually, Katherine, it’s not gibberish.” His eyes brightened again with the thrill of discovery. “It’s . . . Latin.”

Aha! Code breaking at its finest.


  1. The last 5% of the book were tiresome (I read it on my Kindle). All to find out that the big “Secret” that people gave their life for was the bible in a corner stone. Come on now how stupid.

    • Just reviewing some of these comments and have to say that as usual the people or shall we say masses still have not understood the fundementals of this book. I am a 32 degree freemason, Royal arch mason, Knights malta,
      Knight of the red cross, Knights Templar, and
      Vice president of the Widows Sons chapter of my province. I am not trying to impress upon everybody my credentials in the Masonic World but simply trying to establish legitimacy to you Mary. Without quoting from the book I would like to share with you some interesting
      facts,all through mans earthly quest began.
      From the time mans true conscience came to be known the world has been adeptly led by these
      invisibile elitists call them what you may, but our current span they are Freemasons of the utmost intelligence and power.The amount of knowledge we posess is quite horrifying to say the least and can not be given to the wrong people at any cost. The reason for this is this would delay the agenda for mankinds
      enlightenment age or the age of aquarius as we Masons refer to in constellations. Dan Brown is simply an agent for the craft trying to open the eye of the mind of the masses, releasing small bits of info we understand will not be to much for the cross section of humanity.The social engineering has been going
      on exponentially since the internet and media
      driven tv autocracy began.The human mind of an average person is built on egoic principle
      and will automatically reject this new way of thinking.The new age holds no place for these types of people and I feel sad for them,
      but at the same time they were given ample hints of a changing element in humanitys approach towards elightenment.The bible must be looked at differently, thats all. Its moral
      compass stays the same but its message might change for those who can read between the lines. So please open your mind because this is not as fictional as you think. After all if Dan wrote this as simple true text, the masses would not buy it because it does not feed there ego.

  2. Its very provocative, but I think Dan Brown really made some good research. The only ‘flaw’ and quite unacceptable to my logic was the over exaggeration of the national security threat in the video posed by Sato to Bellamy, then to Langdorn which has easily changed their minds. Ha, the worst that could happen is a media frenzy and for the officials to resign!

  3. Still not reached the end of the book…bought it a couple of days back…but the branding struck me as quite interesting…so here’s a link to my post Branding Brown –

    for Brown fans.

  4. The number of the top right of the document adds up to 34 as noted on page 263 of, “The Lost Symbol” but the anagram there is more important to start

  5. Must agree that this was really not his best book. Exciting as always, but I almost hoped that Brown would break the “Langdon-pattern” in some way, it becomes almost predictable. I agree with the over exaggeration in total and Im also puzzled by a part that seemed to be missing; they never mentioned how mad Mal’Akh managed to get up to the 33rd degree within the Masons…it’s not like getting your driver’s license exactly, the part how they accepted him in the first place is poorly explained. Fun read, but definitely disappointing in comparison to Browns other 4 books.

  6. Just finished the book, and while I was a bit rushed, I can’t recall how Sato ended up with a copy of the video. Can anyone help refresh my memory?

  7. I thought the chapter where we were led to believe Langdon had died was awesome. I mean I was shocked while reading it … even went back and re-read the chapter….I thought that was a nice little twist…

  8. If you are looking for an answer (the hidden meaning in the Bible), I recommend reading the “Bible Enlightened”. But I have to warn you: it is not a novel, it is a reference book in two volumes (actually there is also a third one with about 1000 illustrations to the text of the other two volumes).