Leviathan Wakes, by James S.A. Corey

I like reading a good space opera every once in a while, and really enjoyed this one. Or rather, it’s a space opera in content and themes, but structured more as a noir + horror novel. Good mix of gumshoe and sci-fi.

This is sort of a tweener in science fiction — not an immediate future type of book, and not a far future book like the Ian Banks books. It’s set in our solar system after we’ve colonized Mars and the asteroid belt — so the big political entities are the Earth and Mars, with the asteroid belt as a sort of frontier land.

Fun book, good pacing, entertaining. First of a trilogy.


  1. His Long Price Quartet (under his real name) is an excellent fantasy series in a rather gray world.

  2. Finished this one in a couple of nights. It was my kind of popcorn junk food scifi book.

    I seem to remember reading an interview with the authors of this one, who mentioned it started life as the sourcebook to a role-playing game. With that in mind, it kind of read that way to me, like a novelization of a few weeks’ worth of gaming nights around the table.